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Meet Katie Kniss For God, Family, and Country

Katie believes in our Constitution’s principles of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” She knows that it’s our just duty as American citizens to ensure our government remains for the people and by the people. As a Michigan native, mother, wife, and small business owner, Katie is focused on being a conservative leader who can restore freedom back to the state.

Katie will be known as a stateswoman rather than a politician. Defined as being actively engaged in government, wise, skillful and respected, Katie is also principled and tough. She was given the nickname the 'Mama Bear of Northern Michigan' and she will do what it takes to protect the future for our kids.

  • Education

    Katie understands the importance of having parents involved in their children’s schooling. She will fight to end the push for CRT and CSE and will not allow future school shutdowns or medical mandates. As a homeschool mom herself, she also supports protecting the rights of homeschool families.

  • Economy

    Katie knows that small businesses make up Michigan’s economy and create the jobs that provide for our families and their futures. Work to eliminate income tax and get citizens back to work.

  • Election Integrity

    Katie believes there was fraud in the 2020 Presidential election and our Attorney General is trying to cover it up. Katie will push for a state wide full forensic audit and stricter voter laws.

  • Law Enforcement

    Being a wife of a former Marine and current county jail sergeant, Katie strongly supports our front-line heroes and military vets.

  • No Mandates

    14 days to slow the spread” turned into 2 years of Governor Whitmer’s power hold on Michigan citizens. Katie will fight to end mask/vaccine mandates and any legislation that puts the power in the hands of the wrong people or organizations.

  • 2nd Amendment / Pro life / Free speech

    Katie is a pro-life conservative who will fight to protect the unborn at all stages, protect our right to keep and bear arms including constitutional carry and protect our God given right to free speech for everyone.

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